Our combination of the VII collection has once again been honored and this time it is on the New York rooftops that we find our model. We tell you more about this campaign that has gained height.

A team of professionals with precise eyes

Let's first introduce those who participated in this new campaign and were able to highlight our model. There is obviously the Alice Yamagishi model, but also the trend expert Ringlessgold. And our combination! We imagined our model to offer the wearer a great sensuality with an imposing neckline, and now our combi is transformed in the hands of these professionals into a model of exceptional elegance and refinement.

They paired it with a refined blouse that was simple, white. Black and white canvas tennis reinforces this contrast that over the decades still keeps this impeccable style that we know him. To face the freshness of the New York sky, a imitation leather trench coat is worn by the model. Nothing more. No extravagant jewelry, no strong makeup. Just the simplicity of our combination which, here, is sublimely highlighted on a background punctuated by the buildings of the big apple and the blue of the sky.

A combination that adapts to your desires

If you are used to reading our communications, you know, our model has already been highlighted by the Flying Solo NYC shop. In a very different style, it is true. And you, do you prefer the ultra-sensuality of our suit seen by Flying Solo or the refined elegance highlighted on the New York rooftops?


Our VII suit can indeed be adopted to imagine an outfit that is worn every day, but also for major events. With sneakers or vertiginous heels, with a t-shirt or on the skin. With or without jewelry. So it's up to you!