If you like fashion, you've probably already heard of 17:23 magazine. You know that it highlights trendy creations and designers who imagine pieces with a sharp style. Do you like the chic and current style? The magazine managers too, and they chose to highlight our BV sweatshirt and our AVA pants!

Impeccable style

Do you like the refined and elegant vintage style? Are you more casual? You will find in our collections something to rejoice in. The stylist of 17:23, Macy Marshall, found with our pants an ideal piece to capture the eyes of the readers. Our model is thus on the cover associated with a top in very stylish Scottish fabric. The marriage of duck blue enhanced by yellow stripes and the deep black of our pants is particularly successful. Nothing superfluous, just pure chic. The wide cut of our creation (100% wool felt) inspired by vintage and men's wardrobe knows how to highlight any top, whether it is a big wool sweater or a very sophisticated little top like here.

Our sweatshirt was also favored by the stylist. It brings a very casual note to a pretty short skirt inspired by the schoolgirl style. The stylist played on the winning black and red duo to create a look that was both very wise and totally original. It is true that our MV sweatshirt has a perfect design. An XXL cut, a hood, obviously, and a nice set of materials (fake leather and very cozy fleece) make it a must-have for those who want a current style without overdoing it.

17:23 Magazine

And you, what would you have done with these two pieces?

17:23 has chosen models that are very easy to marry to create these looks totally in tune with the times. But these pieces can also be worn very well in other ways. The pants will be ultra glamorous with stilettos and a transparent blouse. It will also be able to adopt a more casual look with a simple cashmere sweater. You have the choice of colors. Black blends with everything! You can also very easily create a masculine look by adopting derbies and a jacket straight out of your man's wardrobe. Dare to wear it without anything underneath for a very sexy chic side.