“I am a sports journalist in high heels, it’s my identity card,” France Pierron said in an interview. With a dress style always very elegant, you are curious to know the ready-to-wear brands of this sports journalist? During these last two shows, she chose to wear two models of blouses of the brand Margot VII. But do you know this brand? Has she become the face of the brand?

The Margot VII brand worn by France Pierron

This young Parisian brand of ready-to-wear, created in 2017, offers high-end clothing and shoes. Their creations are made in an eco-friendly way with quality materials such as silk, leather, or cashmere. Real artists offer you unique pieces through collections that are regularly renewed. They are also listening to your expectations to make tailor-made clothes in line with your personality.

France Pierron: muse of Margot VII ?

France Pierron twice wore the Margot VII brand. Radiant and luminous the first time, she adopted the Niki blouse. A very spring silk model that she combined with a polka dot skirt and high heels (as always!). The second time, she opted for the Sylia blouse.

A more classic style, but very chic, it went with white pants and pretty pumps in the same tones. This simple and dynamic journalist was the ambassador of the Margot VII brand for 2 shows. A real pride for this young ready-to-wear house that has been conquered by its outfits and charisma. Can it be a source of inspiration for the new trends coming from Margot VII ? Case to follow…