Among the major fashion magazines, one has become totally unavoidable: Harper's Bazaar. Every photo, every tip highlights the style. And you know what? Margot VII appeared in this very famous magazine! Our AVA skirt has made a place for itself in its expert pages of international fashion!


Our skirt, a star of Harper's Bazaar!

Our AVA model has found its place in these flagship pages of trends, more precisely in the November 11 issue of this year 2022. Our skirt is worn by the famous Brana Dane model. All in simplicity, our model is associated with a black Monzlapur top, combining two materials (like our skirt!). A pair of strassed cat-eye sunglasses and a pair of Creole-inspired earrings form an ultra chic look with ease. No superfluous, everything is in its place.

The look is largely inspired by the working girl style, but has an unparalleled refinement. It's beautiful and stylish without overdoing it.

The stylist Dace Aleksandravica was able to totally highlight the style of our model for a beautiful slender silhouette without fail.


It's up to you!

Easy to wear, our skirt can be declined in an infinity of styles, from the most elegant as here to the most casual. What if you also had fun creating your look with our skirt?

To stay in the field of refinement, you can associate it with a pretty blouse while transparent. Prefer more chic dark shades to highlight your look. For your feet, prefer nice high heels. But if you want to think outside the box, you can also adopt flat ballerinas that will modernize this look.

The tweed of our skirt can also go very well with a more casual chic look. Put on a hoodie and a pair of sneakers and you're totally in the trend!

AVA Skirt