Margot VII once again has good news to announce to you. You know Dolce magazine, a totally trendy and trendy magazine. Our MV sweatshirt was chosen by their team of trend professionals to illustrate feminine chic in the April issue dedicated to fashion.

A sweatshirt with a unique look

As usual, we wanted for this MV sweatshirt to stand out with clever mixtures of materials, a very chic casual cut and an extraordinary quality. The model chosen by the magazine's stylists is the black version, all in sobriety and a bit rock'n'roll. The model appears with a beautiful yellow long dress with Scottish pattern for a very current offset.

We immediately notice its elegant mix of material, between faux leather piece on the sleeves and soft fleece cotton. Its structured cut is highlighted by the beautiful contrast of colors reinforced by the colorful scarf. Last element to highlight our sweatshirt, a superb Kulic bag whose handle recalls the colors of the scarf.

The set is both incredibly stylish and casual. The outfit is worn by the young model Julia Baratova who put her "inspired paw" in the creation of the look.

She was able to highlight her hips thanks to the clean cut of our sweatshirt and thus enhance even more the width of the skirt of an XXL magnitude. 

And you, you would like to wear our sweatshirt with what?

Even if it is presented by Dolce magazine in a particularly elegant way, you too can very easily imagine a look with our sweatshirt. Are you a fan of chicissime style? So why not pair it with a beautiful long pencil skirt? A black faux leather model will then be perfect to highlight your slim figure. Combine your outfit with a pair of contrasting sneakers to bring dynamism.

Do you prefer the street or sportswear style? Our MV model will satisfy you. Marry him with shorts or jogging stockings. And to show that you perfectly master the codes of current fashion, forget about sneakers and wear pretty high heels!

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