Margot, creator of the Margot VII brand, embarked on a memorable trip to China, in search of inspiration for her future collections. After an 11-hour flight to Shanghai, exploring the historic city of Nanjing revealed cultural gems and artistic treasures that deeply challenged her creative spirit.

Exploring Nanjing's Buddhist heritage

In the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, Margot found invaluable inspiration at Jinming Temple. Immersed in Buddhist culture, she drew on its teachings to shape the philosophy of her brand. Traditional Chinese architecture, clothing and colors captivated her imagination, fueling boundless inventiveness.

Traditional Chinese crafts : Margot discovers brocade fabric

It was in the heart of traditional China that Margot visited a workshop specializing in the creation of brocade fabrics. Fascinated by the finesse and beauty of this ancestral technique of weaving silk mixed with golden embroidery, the designer decided to incorporate these exceptional fabrics into her next collections.

A journey for the senses : The Deji Art Museum and Chinese gastronomy

This trip to China was much more than a visual experience. At the Deji Art Museum, Margot marveled at the contemporary Chinese works of art, which stimulated her artistic perception. But the expedition was also a feast for the taste buds, during which the designer savored the enchanting dishes of Chinese cuisine. These unique flavors nourished her creative soul and inspired her to transcribe her gustatory emotions into her creations.

Much more than a simple trip to China, it was a truly transcendent immersion in Buddhist culture, the discovery of traditional crafts and the exploration of gastronomic delights that shaped Margot's creative vision. Back home, she began to bring her ideas to life, fusing the essence of China with her own artistic identity. The trip was a real revelation for Margot VII, giving birth to unique pieces!