Among the materials in which we like to curl up, cashmere is at the top of the podium. This soft wool from a specific goat (pashmina) is infinitely available, from silky scarves to cozy sweaters. Margot VII wanted to use this natural material to create new models in which you will love to spend your days.

Cashmere, a very high-end material

Cashmere is above all a luxurious and rare material. The hair must have a very fine diameter (less than 19.5 microns), and a down whose proportion is greater than 30%.

This wool offers many advantages. It is above all incredibly sweet. What made it successful. It is also a very hot material despite its finesse. You can put on a warm sweater (it will protect you up to a temperature of -30!) without being buried in a thickness, sometimes unpleasant. The material also has the advantage of naturally regulating humidity, and finally being well insulated. The finesse of this material allows creators to imagine all kinds of models, from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

Cashmere in the Margot VII collections

We obviously used cashmere to imagine sweaters. The white or beige cashmere model will be the centerpiece of a simple look, but of extraordinary refinement. The beautiful details presented by the crochet finishes bring the trendy touch that we love so much. You can marry this sweater with a pencil skirt or shorts, jeans or a suit.

Our Vio coat also contains cashmere nicely paired with virgin wool. A beautiful pastel shade, an irreproachable cut, visible seams and optimal comfort, this piece is, let's face it, simply essential to spend a winter with a stylish and ultra chic look.

Then again, cashmere will be perfect with everything whether you want a casual or stylish look. You can easily marry this coat with raspberry, green or blue.


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