Soon, we will put away our little summer dresses and just like you, we are already thinking about what we will be able to put on this winter. And of course Margot VII has already worked to offer you models that will once again seduce you.

A successful autumn-winter 2022 collection

Our designer has naturally taken up the main lines of our DNA to please you: elegant mix of materials, refinement and relaxation.

This year, we decided to highlight three main materials: tweed, wool and Tencel.

Wool and tweed, we already know these materials both coming from sheep (remember for the stunned that tweed is a carded wool fabric). But maybe you have a harder time visualizing what Tencel is. It is a totally ecological material from wood pulp (cellulose bamboo, eucalyptus ...). This material is often called natural silk. With this one, we wanted to highlight the ecology, but also a fabric of beautiful quality and incredibly comfortable.

It is, in fact, a very soft material, very flexible and ideal for winter, because thermoregulatory. So you will not be cold with our creations.

Style and novelty

On the style side, our new collection is no exception to the rule. Elegant skirts, cozy down jackets, casual dress or incredibly chic and casual blouse, we have revised our creations so that they follow the trends of the moment without copying / pasting the catwalks. As you know, we like to add our personal touch.


We obviously took a look at the flagship colors of this season and we made our choice (we leave you the surprise). You can also play on the maxi effect, very trendy this winter or prefer to turn into a schoolgirl, trend seen and reviewed on the catwalks. Long or short skirt, causal pants or more sophisticated, all you have to do is discover our new collection.

The VA collection will be available in black tweed.