Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you are already thinking about it. What to give? What to do? And what to wear? Margot VII has some outfit ideas to help you look even more stunning to seduce your crush for sure.

Classic chic to enchant her

Adopting an elegant and classic look can be a great idea to show your good taste. You have the choice to find the right pieces in our collections. For example, you can choose the J skirt or the VII skirt to match with the Nana shirt. Don't forget to leave one or two buttons undone to let your chest show with subtlety (your partner won't resist!). Of course, wear high heels, such as a pair of pretty vertiginous boots.

If you don't want to complicate your life by trying to choose the pieces that will best match, opt for the dress, an always very safe option. Leather (or better still, quality imitation) is always an excellent choice to seduce. The Catherine dress (but also the C2 dress if you prefer a lighter model) will be a hit with your partner! You can also adopt the VII dress, very elegant, or the Luz dress which adds a very "evening" note with its refined length.

You want to show your originality?
You are less classic? We also have something to satisfy you. You can thus shift an elegant skirt like the Nana model in wool with a hyper sensual bustier like the H2 model. More originality? Put on shorts in the heart of winter! Our strapless H2 will work wonders with the VA shorts. Don't forget the VA down jacket and waders so you don't freeze to death when you go to the restaurant! You can also choose the very chic Vio coat to protect your legs from the cold if you chose shorts and adopt high pumps.