You’ve already heard about the Flying Solo store in New York. It’s hosting today
our VII jacket for fashion and style lovers across the ocean.
We told you more.

A boutique that highlights style

In New York, all fashionistas know Flying Solo.The shop participates in
many fashion events (like Fashion Week) and offers the biggest
creators of the moment. It selects fashion experts and highlights their
creations in its two American boutiques.
And once again, one of our creations was chosen to represent us. Which one? It
is the VII jacket, a major part of our collections.

The VII jacket in the spotlight

Visitors to the Flying Solo New York store will be able to marvel (yes, we
exaggerates perhaps a little! ) in front of our model of rare elegance. Our jacket presents
a very chic curved cut to highlight the feminine silhouettes. For this, the
pliers come highlight the size. Two large black and cream buttons come
accentuate the fine-cut effect.
The contrasting cream stitches add a very contemporary classicism of a rare elegance.
The piping pocket on the left side of the chest completes the perfect look of the

Marked shoulders complete the impeccable look of the jacket that can be worn at all
seasons in the office as well as on weekends relaxing.
She marries with talent with a pretty mini skirt for a working girl style without
fault. It can also be paired with mom jeans for a beautifully chic casual look.
It will also shift a more street look. It will be able to highlight a stocking
Jogging or leggings for a very amazing look, but full of style.
On the color side, the jacket goes with everything. Its timeless black is a sure value that pleases.