On April 20, 2023, the Margot VII team had the opportunity to give an interview with the famous French fashion magazine Madame Figaro. We talked for long minutes to introduce them to the brand, our inspirations, our values, and our goals..


Madame Figaro is a French fashion and lifestyle magazine, mainly aimed at women. Launched in 1980, it is part of the Figaro group and has established itself as a reference in the world of women’s press. It covers a variety of topics such as fashion, beauty, culture, health, cooking, decoration and current affairs. The magazine is also known for its interviews with influential personalities in various fields. Madame Figaro is a modern and inspiring magazine that offers practical tips for her readers to improve their daily lives.

Margot VII

Without revealing too much in advance, we explained our ethical approach to clothing production, opting for noble and eco-responsible materials, as well as our choice to offer collections in limited edition, to preserve the exclusivity and uniqueness of our creations.

We also talked about our vision of fashion, which mixes tradition and modernity, seeking to free the femininity of traditional ties and to offer elegant and timeless pieces, while remaining at the forefront of trends.

We have also emphasized our desire to foster tailor-made creation, by offering our clients the opportunity to personalize their clothing to reflect their unique personality.

As a reminder, we offer a tailor-made workshop in our Parisian physical shop located 15 Avenue Victor Hugo.

See you soon for the release of the issue of Madame Figaro