Beautifully romantic, our set H made succumb another professional of the style, the model Agnieszka Artych who put on our creation to complete her Instagram page.

An amazing look

The young lady chose a pretty façade of an intense blue as a backdrop to enhance her diaphanous skin and our set H. Associated with a bag of the same shade, the outfit is simple, but incredibly highlighted.

Without unnecessary cabotinage, Agnieszka was able to show the impeccable style of our creation and all these assets.

Our creators have once again (remember that this is our signature!) associated different materials. The bustier therefore sports a beautiful combination of tulle decorated with very refined lace and PU leather for the more rock touch.

The skirt displays, meanwhile, a very feminine transparency without being vulgar. The secret? A nice little shorts are integrated into the skirt which has a vertiginous slit.

The look is sleek, bohemian chic, romantic and ultra-modern.

The total ivory white look is of the best effect and adds a very summery note to the outfit worn by the model.

Set H is highlighted

We are very proud to see, once again, one of our creations chosen by an expert in trends and fashion. Agnieszka has been able to sublimate the very essence of our set with a look that is both very refined and hyper sophisticated, simple and ultra chic, casual and bohemian. No superfluous jewelry or incredible beauty. She let the outfit guide her and remained natural. Respecting in this, the spirit of our whole.

The set H is then magnified and we have the impression that an angel has stopped on earth!

And you, how would you compose your look with our set or one of the two pieces of it? Would you adopt a floral blouse with the skirt for a successful bohemian look? Or would you rather marry the bustier with shorts for a refined casual look?

Bustier H

Jupe H