Our jacket from the VII collection will surprise you in many ways. Want to know more?

A special shoot

It's not the location or the designer that will surprise you this time, but the person wearing our jacket. But before revealing who this person is, we have to specify a very small thing about our jacket. Even if you are a regular visitor to our Parisian store, you won't find it there. Indeed, this one will only be sold in New York, more precisely in the famous Flying Solo store. This is simply an exclusive to mark our collaboration with this major fashion player.

That being said (and this is important!), let's talk about the person wearing our jacket. Why person? Because Dadspecialfriend is special. How can you not see it on the picture? Yes, it is indeed a person who claims to be non-binary. And oh surprise, you can see that our jacket can be worn by a person who is both a woman and a man and especially neither of them! Here we are, propelled into the present and the future!

A jacket apart

Like we said, the Margot VII jacket will only be available in New York. So if you can't afford a trip there, you can only imagine yourself in this surprising jacket. Why surprising? A slim fit that highlights your figure. A basque model totally apart, both timeless and terribly in trend. The reverse side of the sleeves is a pristine white that contrasts elegantly with the deep gray of the model. A contrasting stitching that highlights the cut of the collar. In short, a model that is inspired by the past and is perfectly adapted to current trends.

How to wear it? As you like! You can be inspired by the outfit worn by Dadspecialfriend: our jacket only accompanied by a pair of riding boots and a piece of white fabric reminiscent of a scarf version XXL and elegantly wrapped around the model. 

You can also simply wear your jacket with slim pants or a mid-length pencil skirt. You can also play on the very chic contrast of light and dark colors for a very sophisticated look. You can still associate this jacket with more original shades like a flaming pink or a chic duck blue.